Smart Safety: HIMA adopts a new positioning


HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH has taken on a new brand image to adapt to the challenges of the digital transformation.

This stems from a wide-ranging brand building process with the involvement of customers and staff worldwide. The result: with 'Smart Safety', the family enterprise based in Bruehl further enhances its position as a technology leader and the main contact for intelligent safety solutions worldwide, catering specifically to changing customer requirements in the age of digital transformation.

The digital transformation and the Internet of things are changing entire sectors. In the age of Industry 4.0, facilities are no longer self-sufficient; they are connected to one another and to the outside world, and processes are run more and more autonomously. In recent years, the demands made on functional safety have hence also changed considerably. Security solutions have to adapt to these changing conditions; security processes are increasingly digital and networked too.

Nowadays, there is much more involved than just uninterrupted operation and emergency shutdowns. Smart safety solutions do more than guarantee maximum safety; they also turn data into business-relevant information, and hence enhance productivity and returns for industrial facilities. At the same time, smart safety solutions provide the best defense against the growing numbers of worldwide cyber attacks, which constitute a high risk for people, the environment and facilities.

As Steffen Philipp, Managing Partner of HIMA, explains: "Our new positioning is based on a combination of decades of safety experience and innovation. We also want to provide our customers with the solutions that they need in the future to meet the challenges of digitization, in terms of cyber security, for example. That's what we mean by 'smart'."

The new positioning stands on three columns: firstly, on the HIMA value promise, which has been developed jointly with many staff members from all over the world, in a comprehensive series of workshops. Secondly, on a global customer survey, during which HIMA consulted its customers in depth regarding their current and future challenges and needs. And thirdly on industrial developments. A central realization: even the conservative safety sector is moving inexorably towards digitization. This means, for one thing, that more and more customer contacts take place on the Net. And for another thing, it means that the future belongs to intelligent systems that combine safety and security, and data-based services.

"Our new branding stems from a long process of exchanges of ideas with customers and staff. The target here was to interpret market signals and reflect them in our self-image and our business strategy", explains Dirk Bolz, Head of Global Marketing at HIMA. "Our commitment to 'Smart Safety' means that HIMA is continually investing in new technologies. And it also means that even more than previously, we are able to provide solutions that create real added value for the customers, and go far beyond safety as such."

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