Increased requirements in retail – DENSO scores with innovative scanners and handheld terminals


Customers have high expectations of retail businesses nowadays. In order to make shopping in a retail store an experience, retail companies must have full control not only at the point of sale (POS), but also in the warehouse for the inventory processes, and via the staff to help realise the individual purchasing preferences of the customers.

Today, numerous products can be found on the internet at much lower selling prices. However, the retail industry has a crucial advantage over the internet: the immediate availability of goods. Therefore, the main task of any retail business is to keep the promise to their customers, which is the prompt availability of goods in the stores. In addition, retail businesses need to focus on realising a unique shopping experience for their customers. Innovative mobile data capture devices by DENSO, part of the Toyota group and inventor of the QR Code, make such processes in retail much easier, while optimising them at the same time.

By using DENSO's modern scanners and handheld terminals, retailers have all the means to do a time-efficient inventory. That way, costs are saved and the working hours of the staff are optimised. As a result, management efficiency of the inventory and the incoming goods processes is achieved in the long term. One other result is that stocktaking can be reduced, thus saving storage costs for retail companies.

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The new pocket-size scanner SE1-BUB-C by DENSO weighs only about 70 grams and can be conveniently stored and carried in the pocket of the employees all day long in any retail store. Especially in retail, a lightweight and small sized device for mobile data capture is proven to be very beneficial. Additionally, the SE1-BUB-C is equipped with an RFID reader. The scanner is designed for scanning at short distances of around 3 cm and prevents unwanted reading of other RFID tags that might be close by.

In comparison, this is not possible with high-resolution RFID scanners designed for larger distances and for the scanning of several RFID tags at the same time. Another advantage of the SE1-BUB-C is that it can be easily connected to other Bluetooth devices by simply scanning a setup code. For example, the scanner can be connected to different host devices such as data capture devices, and tablets. With this ultra-light scanner, employees in retail environments can capture information more accurately, and thus offer their customers a modern shopping experience.

Besides the SE1-BUB-C, the BHT-1600 from DENSO is also proof that their engineers for mobile data capture devices are able to create a device that can rationalise different processes within the retail industry by constantly developing new handheld terminals and scanners. The BHT-1600 combines classic mobile data capture with the advantages of a smartphone. The handheld terminal is designed in the style of a personal digital assistant (PDA) with Android 6.X, and it has been recently introduced into the market. The modern handheld terminal is equipped with the latest NFC technology.

In the ruggedized version, the device is much more robust than comparable units to be found in the market today. Further key features of the new Android 6.X PDA scanner by DENSO are, in addition to its robustness, the fully integrated mobile data capture possibility and its ability to support all common standards of wireless communication, such as Bluetooth, WiFi or 4G. Its appealing design, compact measurements, and light weight also add to the advantages of this handheld terminal. The ergonomics of the device also help to simplify and optimise processes in retail as well.

Further information on the DENSO scanners and handheld terminals, on RFID and NFC, the QR Code, solutions for mobile data capture, and the DENSO Auto-ID Business Unit, can be found at

For those users who do not want to do without a keyboard on their handheld terminal, the BHT-1500 by DENSO, part of the Toyota Group, is the right choice. The barcode handheld terminal has the "Advanced Scan Plus" function, which makes it particularly powerful. The BHT-1500 weighs just 128 gm, making the device suitable for POS applications in particular.

The handling is especially simple for female co-workers, for example shop assistants in retail, or users with small hands, due to the handiness of the scanner and its ergonomic body. Despite its lightweight and small size, the BHT-1500 also has an easy to read 2.0-inch colour LCD display. Thanks to the innovative technology of DENSO, part of the Toyota group and inventor of the QR Code, the BHT-1500 is yet another terminal that makes fast scanning particularly possible. Combined with an operation time of up to 85 hours, the BHT-1500 can increase the overall productivity at the point of sale significantly.

Retailers can benefit greatly from DENSO's innovative scanners and handheld terminals. Especially the new devices with RFID and NFC offer a wide range of possibilities. The experts for mobile data capture always receive positive feedback and have been working already with many of their customers for more than 20 years.

For the European market, the DENSO Auto-ID Business Unit is the contact window for all enquiries on QR Codes, mobile data capture, handheld terminals and scanners. The durable and robust terminals and scanners manufactured by DENSO are to be found in storage, logistics, POS, production and field & sales automation applications. Short and informative video clips about the terminals, scanners and solutions from the DENSO Auto-ID Business Unit can now be viewed on YouTube. The clips include the 20th anniversary of the QR Code, a company presentation, and introductions to the various devices for mobile data capture such as the BHT-1500, BHT-1400 and the GT20 scanner.

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