Scan workflow connectors essential for digital transformation process, says Y Soft


There is no doubt that digital transformation can have a profound impact in improving business processes. But where digitisation of documents is concerned, for many, going digital, simply means scanning a sheet of paper.

However, scanning to email, the traditional way to turn paper into a digital file, involves many steps (finding the e-mail, saving the attachment out of the e-mail, updating someone of the file being in the desired location), says enterprise office solution provider, Y Soft Corporation.

Real productivity gains happen when these manual steps are eliminated and a scan can go directly to a pre-determined location, others are notified of its existence, and, if needed later, can be found using familiar search keywords. This is achieved through document workflows which represent a more efficient way for documents to be scanned, saved and stored. With document workflows, a company that desires to become less dependent on paper processes can have a system that is integrated with its existing systems.

Y Soft's scan workflow solutions help increase productivity through automated workflows for specific roles or processes in the company and eliminate unnecessary manual steps. Because these pre-defined workflows specify where the document is automatically stored through seamless connections with existing third party applications on cloud-based repositories, the role of the connectors that enable the document flow is extremely important.

The role of connectors

Once a document is scanned, and processed, it is securely transferred and stored automatically into the desired location defined by the workflow. This is enabled by connectors that integrate the scanning solution with an external third party application, e.g. Sharepoint, Dropbox, or even vertical specific application. While connectors bring clear benefits in terms of productivity, they also present a big challenge in terms of compatibility with the future development of the given third party application. Y Soft's approach is unique in that it creates these connectors itself, enabling a solution that works on today's version of the third party system, as well as timely updates as and when the third party system changes.

Miroslav Sova, Product Marketing Manager at Y Soft, explains: "We treat these connectors as part of our platform so that we have control over the connectors' quality and functionality, and can make the experience for the administrator as integrated as possible."

Sova adds, "We build connectors to external systems, including the likes of Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange and Dropbox because no customer is the same and we want to be able to deliver a solution that is truly customisable with respect to ECM that the organisation prefers to use."

YSoft's SafeQ Workflow Suite eliminates the complexity of scanning for both administrators and users. Its easy-to-use interface makes scan choices simple for users, removing confusion and ensuring documents are captured accurately and distributed to authorised, pre-defined destinations automatically. With sophisticated technology to capture and process digital content, YSoft SafeQ provides a workflow engine to create customised workflows.

YSoft SafeQ Workflow Suite is part of an overall enterprise workflow solutions platform that also includes print management and offers ways to reduce print costs, increase document security and improve employee productivity through document workflows.

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