Print management software can be a crucial pillar in a sound financial strategy, says Y Soft


As organisations deal with a growing need to remain competitive, finance teams are faced with the constantly expanding challenge of effectively managing budgets.

To help keep on top of these concerns, finding a high-performing, flexible print management solution can be hugely beneficial. This is according to Y Soft Corporation, the enterprise office solution provider.

When looking at improving how budgets are managed and allocated, finance teams often assess areas such as staff recruitment, energy consumption or office rent costs. While these are all vital areas for consideration, stretched finance personnel should also be looking at how other processes, such as print workflow management, can be refined to make them more cost-effective.

Nick Parkes, Regional Sales Manager at Y Soft, said: "For finance teams, any change of process that can free up budget without compromising the smooth running of the business is worth pursuing. An effective print workflow management system can be of great assistance in this regard, by enabling finance teams to accurately budget for the organisation's ongoing print requirements. If the solution is packaged with a reporting module, finance staff can identify high-volume users and departments, and pinpoint potential cost-saving initiatives."

In addition, finance teams should insist that a print management solution offers subscription pricing, a model now common in other enterprise solutions. With a subscription price model, organisations pay only for the print devices in use in a given month or quarter. As today's organisations are looking to decrease their print fleets through digitalisation initiatives or because of mergers and acquisitions, they would ordinarily be stuck with an investment in long-term licenses which are no longer needed.

Finance teams should also investigate whether the print management solution on offer contains features that are not needed now. A software solution that is available in modules means organisations don't pay for features they do not need, with the flexibility of adding modules later when they are needed.

Nick Parkes added: "Different organisations have their own workflow goals and specific needs. By embracing a modular feature and subscription-based approach to print management, businesses can purchase the specific products and services they need, and easily add more at a later date. This brings peace of mind to finance teams, as they know the organisation is not paying for resources that they will end up not using, but also that their print workflow system can be scaled up in a cost-effective manner as the business grows."

He concluded: "Managing finances at any organisation is more stressful than it ever has been. To stand the best possible chance of keeping budgets under control, finance teams need to be innovative in their thinking. Turning their attention to print management can effectively help streamline office processes and ensure less time and money goes to waste."

Y Soft offers print management solutions for both 2D and 3D printers through its YSoft SafeQ workflow solutions platform. YSoft SafeQ solutions encompass a wide variety of capabilities, including integrated print management and advanced document capture, all of which make print and scan workflow processes more efficient, secure and cost-effective. YSoft SafeQ can be applied at organisations of all sizes, with tailored solutions available to suit the needs of any enterprise.

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