Close Brothers Technology Services partners with Blancco Technology Group to offer certified data erasure technology and services with finance agreements


Close Brothers Technology Services is partnering with Blancco Technology Group, the data erasure and mobile device diagnostics solutions provider, to offer the Blancco Data Eraser solutions to its leasing customers, enabling them to permanently erase data from multiple data storage devices.

"We are the first, and currently only, UK technology leasing company to offer certified data erasure technology and services as part of our finance agreements," said Sean Callanan, Director of Technology and Service, Close Brothers Technology Services. "The Blancco Data Eraser solutions have been tested, approved and recommended by a large number of national and international governing bodies, making management of our customers' data-bearing devices safer and simpler, while also preventing unnecessary data loss and ensuring regulatory compliance.

"We chose to partner with Blancco Technology Group because it is the global market leader in secure data erasure and already provides thousands of organisations with an absolute line of defense against costly security breaches, as well as verification of regulatory compliance through a 100% tamper-proof audit trail.

"We recognise that the pressure on organisations to build and maintain robust IT security policies and safeguard their sensitive data is ever-increasing. This unique partnership allows our customers the ability to properly manage data across the entire lifecycle, including permanently and verifiably erasing datawhen the scenario or regulation calls for it. One of the most important benefits delivered by the Blancco Data Eraser solutions is that it includes a certificate of proof that the data has been erased and cannot be recovered."

With the Blancco Data Eraser solutions, organisations can permanently erase data from all IT assets and environments – be it in an active environment - when equipment hits end-of-life or customers/regulations demand it. In addition, Blancco Management Console enables organisations to keep track of and store the digitally signed certificates of erasure, verifying that data cannot be recovered. This tamper-proof certificate of erasure proves valuable in providing an audit trail and complying with the most stringent national and international data protection regulations and guidelines, including EU General Data Protection Regulation, PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO and NIST.

Steve Holton, President and CRO of Blancco Technology Group: "We're thrilled to partner with Close Brothers Technology Services to help their customers improve their data management practices and securely erase data when it's no longer needed or must be erased in accordance with data protection regulations. This partnership demonstrates that Close Brothers Technology Services understands the pain points of its customers exceptionally well and is dedicated to improving data protection in the UK."

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