Overhauling a disorganised and time-consuming communications room for a leading gaming manufacturer


In January 2015 a leading gaming software manufacturer based in Windsor, England, approached The Cabling Company to quote for a communications room overhaul.

The Cabling Company won the bid and the results offer the customer multiple benefits, including the ability to identify issues quickly and subsequently save hours of time.


In early 2015 The Cabling Company successfully won a bid against two other cabling suppliers to revamp a dysfunctional communications room for a gaming software company. The Cabling Company's Managing Director, David Jackson puts their continually high 80% bid win rate down to an intricate level of detail and engagement at the quote stage, something that sets them apart from their competitors.


The Windsor-based gaming software company faced a number of challenges that were slowing their IT team down and preventing them from taking on a more proactive role in the business. These challenges included:

  • Piecemeal additions being made to the communications room over many years, creating a disorganised and confusing workspace for IT staff
  • No clear signposts or way of working, making it time-consuming to identify issues and patch in new users
  • An inefficient and slow network creating frustrations for all staff


The Cabling Company came up with a number of solutions that solved these challenges. These included: Communications room audit This included reviewing, supplying and installing new containment in the communications room, removing all existing patches, and replacing with colour-coded patch leads. Testing CAT6 outlets The Cabling Company tested 900 CAT6 outlets across all five of the company's floors in order to uncover and overcome any unidentified network issues.

Some of these outlets had not been installed correctly by a previous cabling supplier, so these were fixed by The Cabling Company. Supplying CAD drawings New CAD drawings supplied by The Cabling Company showed outlet locations and cabling routes, making accessing, patching and fixing issues far easier than ever before.


The work carried out by The Cabling Company took a team of three staff just two weekends. The customer was more than happy with these timescales.

In addition to the communications room looking and acting like new, the company has also seen the following benefits:

  • Greater network efficiency and faster connections for staff
  • IT staff are now able to quickly identify and fix issues, and get back to working on more proactive tasks for the company
  • IT staff can also clearly see cabling routes thanks to the CAD drawings, and rapidly patch in new staff when required

The Cabling Company's installation team integrated easily with the customer's IT team. They provided them with all the information and materials they need to keep the communications room functioning efficiently, even oversupplying spare patch leads for the future. The gaming company's IT director was very pleased with the way the work was carried out.

He had peace of mind that he could trust The Cabling Company when it came to switching everything back on, on a Monday morning. Any downtime would have cost the company thousands of pounds so The Cabling Company made sure an engineer was on-site every Monday to fix any issues if they occurred, which they didn't. Since this initial work, the gaming software company has returned to The Cabling Company for further projects, testament to the high standards they demonstrated.

Clear pathway for improved cabling

David Jackson added: "The single biggest point of failure in business IT infrastructures is caused by poor management of communications cabinets. In this instance, we have created a clear pathway for improved cabling, allowing much improved ease of management and a greater return on investment. In fact, the changes we made for this organisation will see a positive return on investment in just six months."


Windsor, England

Gaming software

A disorganised communications room that was time consuming for IT staff

A well organised communications room where IT staff can quickly and clearly identify and fix issues, and a far more efficient network


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