Electric Cloud introduces comprehensive support for one-click deployments to any container platform


Electric Cloud, the developer of DevOps Release Automation, has announced a new version of ElectricFlow that is claimed to make it easier for developers to get started with the free Community Edition using Docker, and also deploy to myriad Container orchestration solutions and platforms, with just one click.

ElectricFlow provides broad support of the leading technologies in the Containers ecosystem. DevOps teams can now easily deploy to different environments or port their applications between different platforms, without having to invest a lot of work in learning new API integrations or rewriting complex scripting to re-purpose their deployment or release processes to fit a new environment or tool.

ElectricFlow's native support for modern Container technologies and Microservices architectures tames the growing complexity of modern application delivery. It enables organisations to take advantage of the latest delivery patterns as an integral part of their software delivery strategy, while minimising risk and allowing for shared visibility and orchestration. The latest release includes built-in, one-click deployment support for Docker itself, Kubernetes, Amazon Container Service (ECS), Google Container Engine (GKE), Microsoft Azure Container Service, OpenShift Container Platform, and Cloud Foundry container-based PaaS. AWS Lambda is also supported for Serverless-type application releases.

"Containers and Microservices can enable unparalleled developer productivity by enabling teams to independently and securely develop, test and deploy value quickly to customers," said Gene Kim, founder of IT Revolution and co-author of "The Phoenix Project" and "The DevOps Handbook." "We are all looking for ways to take advantage of Containers and Microservices, even for legacy applications."

"By delivering ElectricFlow in a simple Docker container, we make it easier than ever for teams to jump-start their DevOps initiatives and orchestrate all the disparate tools in their existing CI/CD process," said Steve Brodie, CEO of Electric Cloud. "By supporting the entire ecosystem so you can deploy to any target within the rapidly growing container ecosystem, we help teams eliminate the 'rocket science' aspects of Microservices and Container deployments, future-proof for technology evolution, and accelerate time-to-value."

In addition to making it easier than ever to get started, the latest version of ElectricFlow boasts additional, advanced features to help teams optimise complex CI/CD processes at scale. New drag-and-drop capabilities allow teams to easily parallelise and re-prioritise pipeline tasks on the fly, in order to optimise cycle times. Policy-based approval gates that are data-driven allow teams to increase velocity without sacrificing compliance. This allows enterprises to enable continuous deployment safely, while automatically blocking any application updates that do not meet minimum requirements (such as acceptable performance or adequate code coverage).

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