Trellisworks launches Quickstart managed service to control data costs for temporary high-speed wireless connectivity sites


Specialist wireless technology and network design provider, Trellisworks, has launched Quickstart, a fully managed service for businesses requiring reliable high-speed wireless connectivity on temporary sites that monitors data usage across all connected devices and avoids unexpected data overage costs by alerting the customer as soon as a data limit is close to being reached.

"Businesses need reliable high-speed wireless connectivity whether they're operating a temporary or fixed site however on temporary sites it's mobile data that's being used and it's very easy to quickly lose sight of usage levels and incur unexpected costs," explains Jim Kernahan, Director, Trellisworks. "Organisations need to be able to keep a track of costs and don't want nasty surprises, Quickstart does exactly this and is fully managed with levels set to the client's specific requirements so that costs are kept under control."

Monitoring data usage can be a real challenge for businesses operating temporary sites such as those in the retail, construction and leisure industries and so having a service that manages levels, profiles user activity and avoids unexpected costs while still providing a high performing connection will be seen as invaluable.

Quickstart forms part of Trellisworks' Mobile Data Routing (MDR) solutions portfolio and builds on the current free of charge service which will still be available to existing customers. It allows full capping of SIMs nearing their data limit along with full monthly reports on usage, individual user profiling including what websites have been accessed from which device and which user. It is also possible to white and black list sites to help minimise excess data usage.

Full support is provided via the remote helpdesk team. Quickstart is a wholly scalable 4G solution which can be scaled to meet any site size and is available with a variety of data packages and device options depending on client requirements.

Trellisworks' MDR division is one of the UK's largest mobile data routing solution large capacity suppliers, up to 250 terabytes per annum across more than 100 sites, providing a comprehensive range of solutions that enable connections beyond what is possible with fixed-line networks supported by expert maintenance and technical support. Using the latest technology it implements connections of up to 100 megabytes per second (Mbps) across every mobile network available, delivering clients a managed, cost effective, affordable and above all secure and resilient service and can be installed in a very short timescale.

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