Eaton Connected delivers a ready-to-go, integrated back-up and power distribution solution


Eaton's new Connected Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and power distribution solution is claimed to be the ideal answer for data centres, hospitals, airports and mission-critical applications that require UPS back-up to guarantee reliable and continuous electrical power.

To assure a safe and reliable operating environment, any back-up power installation requires not just the UPS itself, but also the incoming feeder, maintenance bypass and outgoing feeders essential to the power path from the utility mains through to the distributed critical load. By integrating all of these components into a single, balanced solution, Eaton Connected improves reliability and availability, cuts design and installation times, and minimises risk.

Traditionally, configuring a power distribution system has meant sourcing, installing and connecting the UPS and switchgear products, and allocating resources and money to solving any weaknesses or interoperability problems that may arise. Eaton Connected eradicates these issues by providing a pre-designed, pre-connected combined solution that unites two proven products, each designed and manufactured by Eaton.

Eaton Connected achieves its high availability and minimised unplanned downtime through a combination of factors. Eaton products, with a long-established reputation for quality and reliability, are tested against relevant UPS and switchgear standards to validate their safe and reliable operation and resilience in challenging short-circuit conditions. Nevertheless, they are tested again, and verified as a complete Connected solution. Uptime is maximised through the maintenance bypass, backfeed protection, predetermined overcurrent settings and Hot SyncTM technology.

Jussi Vihersalo, Business Development Manager, Large UPS at Eaton comments: "In today's business climate, users need and expect solutions to be available to meet changing demand faster than ever before. Eaton Connected facilitates this at both design and installation stages through its modularity and scalability as well as the proven interoperability of its components. Modules can be rapidly assembled to meet exact project requirements, without wasting capital or space on capacity that isn't required. Later, further capacity can be provided immediately on demand by just adding extra modules to support any increased load. Agility is further improved as UPS and power distribution capacities can be scaled either together or independently as appropriate."

Project managers will also manage their risk by choosing Eaton Connected. With no need for individual component sourcing or special engineering, its pre-designed solutions and prefabricated interconnections mean the entire process, from sourcing to commissioning, is simplified, enabling completion of the project on schedule and within budget. No time is wasted on resolving unexpected incompatibility issues and users understand exactly what to expect, right from the project's outset.

Eaton Connected users can choose either the Power Xpert 9395P or the Eaton 93PM UPS, available for direct pre-connection to Power Xpert CX switchgear; this offers power ratings from 30-900 kVA with static switch sections up to 1200 kVA to manage challenging short-circuit currents. The switchgear will provide reliable power distribution and motor control functionality for up to 6300 A in all commercial and industrial applications.

Eaton Connected's individual components all offer features that contribute to the solution's reliability, safety and reduced cost of ownership values. The UPS double conversion mode's efficiency can be optimised with VMMS (Variable Module Management System), while a maximum energy efficiency of over 99 per cent is available in ESS (Energy Saver System) mode.

The Power Xpert CX switchgear is third party tested to IEC 61439-2, offering exceptionally reliable operation through use of the 4B form of internal separation. For 300 kVA and below, plug-in as well as fixed compartments are available, allowing modification without a complete system shutdown. To ensure safety at all times, breakers are automatically tripped during a removal, while lock-out options are also available.

Overall, Eaton Connected is expected to contribute significantly to Eaton's policy of ensuring that reliable, efficient and safe power is available where it is needed most. With Eaton Connected, users can more than ever achieve a reliable, safe, scalable and proven solution, quickly and without risk.

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