Pearl Scan urges businesses to embrace the digital age and cloud based storage amidst growth predictions


The business world is ever–evolving. Technological advancements, software developments and online working have changed the business landscape significantly over the past ten years.

Cloud based storage has become increasingly popular as a way of sending, sharing and working with documents. And as a result, the Cisco Global Cloud Index (GCI) has predicted that 55% of internet users will use cloud-based storage by 2019, while more than four-fifths (86 percent) of workloads will be processed by cloud data centres.

Pearl Scan, one of the UK's finest providers of document scanning solutions to both small and large businesses alike, has urged businesses to embrace cloud storage in order to keep abreast of competitors and ensure for a more streamlined transition.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan Group says, "Cloud storage is used by businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. Ideal for creating a hub of documents that can be accessed by employees in any location, cloud storage is one of the most useful platforms in the world. Increasing productivity by making files easily accessible for workers, by embracing cloud storage now, businesses can ensure they have an efficient and structured workforce in place for when cloud based storage becomes the 'norm'."

Documents are an essential part of businesses. Legal files, finance documents and HR forms are all commonplace within offices. However often these files get misplaced, accidentally destroyed or land into the wrong hands which can result in dire consequences for businesses and individuals alike. Yet despite the obvious perks, businesses all over the world are still reluctant to embrace the digital age fully.

Naveed, continues, "Some businesses haven't yet seen how cloud storage can benefit their processes and streamline their workloads in order to increase efficiency. Many businesses feel like the cloud won't be able to meet all of their needs as lots of their work is paper-based. However by fully embracing digital, they will be able to put all of their important documents safely onto the cloud and provide access for everyone within the organisation, and be fully prepared as the world becomes more reliant on digital."

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