RES ONE Security for the Workforce offers a new, people-centric approach coupled with identity and access management


RES has announced RES ONE Security for the Workforce, a next-generation solution built on proven RES ONE technology.

RES ONE Security provides a people-centric approach to managing security, identity, access and governance for virtual and hybrid environments. It protects from internal and external security threats, while giving more control to IT organizations and preserving the user's technology experience for peak productivity.

Traditional security offerings focus on static endpoints or identity and access management capabilities. Endpoint security is meant to protect from insider threats: the actions of careless users with too much access and not enough awareness. But these solutions rely on thinking ahead of agile and endlessly-creative cyber criminals.

Identity and access management technologies are complex and require ongoing manual alignment with business policies. And none of these solutions work well in virtual and hybrid environments. Caught in the middle is the user whose technology experience is often sacrificed in the scramble to keep up with growing and intensifying threats.

"The digital workspace is more vulnerable than ever, but protective measures can encumber workers and put their productivity at risk," said Al Monserrat, chief executive officer of RES. "What's more, IT professionals are finding that traditional approaches towards securing the perimeter aren't enough. They're hard to maintain, and they don't protect well enough against insider threats. Automatically managing and securing access to apps, data and endpoints is the foundation for a best-in-class digital workspace experience for today's generation of users."

"RES has allowed us to secure, manage, and audit 30,000 seasonal employees who access critical applications and resources," said Lucas Doran, Senior Engineer of Intuit. "Having this degree of configuration, flexibility, and security in the session has proven invaluable and I could not imagine running an environment without it."

RES ONE Security provides a people-centric and granular way for IT to manage identity, access and endpoint security in use cases like these:

  • Employee onboarding and offboarding – deliver or remove rights to an app or service based on changes to an employee's role or working context.
  • Complete control of endpoint devices – lock down apps, websites, data, printers and IP connections, as well as what data can be removed from the network on a USB storage device.
  • Application whitelisting – control apps and files that can be executed based on detailed information, preventing the intrusion of malware as a result of careless user actions.
  • Compliance and risk mitigation – avoid failing internal or external compliance audits by securing digital workspaces with visibility and audit trails governing user access.

"Often customers and partners come to RES after looking at identity and access management solutions – and also in search of a technology that works across hybrid infrastructures," said Tracey Mustacchio, chief marketing officer of RES. "They've found that we offer many identity and access capabilities, but with a unique people-centric approach that preserves the user experience. And our software is readily deployed in any hybrid environment. Our customers will also attest that RES deployments can happen very fast – in just days or weeks – and our automation keeps the technology aligned with business processes in an agile, dynamic way."

RES ONE Security, which is built on the platform of RES ONE Workspace Core announced earlier this month, will be available July 2016 from RES preferred partners around the world.

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