Datalogic Mobile Terminals support operative logistics at LGI

LGI Logistik Gruppe International GmbH offers individual logistic and transport solutions. The company was founded through a Hewlett-Packard joint venture and belongs to the Willi-Betz-Group. This combination is unique within the logistics world as it combines industrial thinking with entrepreneurship.

With 18 locations in Germany and 15 locations internationally, LGI plans, organizes and controls logistical processes for Europe and the rest of the world because today innovative products are not enough. Products have to be made available or manufactured for the customer within an agreeable period of time, says Tim Oldiges, the Sales & Marketing Manager of LGI Logistics Group International GmbH.

Within a secured area of the LGI warehouse, boxes are stored and rolled out as if through ghost hands. With a space of 70,000 square meters, warehouse workers on fork lift trucks are racing by while an automatic machine on 15,000 square meters is taking care of about 30,000 pallet spaces. All this must be done in record time and as efficiently as possible to satisfy customers needs and maintain the LGI company philosophy Made with Quality. Therefore, LGI is always trying to optimize its processes, and one way to do so is by working with automatic identification solutions. A mobile computer was needed to guarantee efficient and reliable information transfer and Datalogics Kyman was chosen as the best solution.

Only four hours for delivery starting from the order call
From the order call to delivery only four hours pass. The parts are ordered, then produced and stocked in the rented area of LGI. LGI itself has only one week of planning for the sequence delivery according to the data provided and only four hours from the final sequence to the delivery.

As example of this process is LGIs Just-in-Sequence supply to Daimler AG. Sequence supply means direct delivery to the production site, at the right time and in the right order. The ordered parts are brought to the production sites immediately as needed. Using cockpit equipment for example, more than 300,000 different design configurations or techniques are possible. Therefore, it is extremely important that after receiving the order call, the right parts are packed correctly and then loaded onto the trucks as LGI has only four hours from this point to delivery. Within this narrow period of time, a safe Just-in-Sequence delivery and traceability of the products must be guaranteed. Datalogics Kyman provides this guarantee in the final quality control stage of the operation.

The process starts with an online connection to the production planning system of Daimler and LGI. The worker receives instructions, including information on the vehicle, single positions and correct place in the frame. In order to control the delivery, the worker scans the vehicle number, product number and place in the frame with the Kyman. By scanning these numbers, he/she checks if this particular part can be packed right away. As soon as the data is confirmed, the information is coupled with the shipping frame and the dedicated vehicle. Thanks to this important step, traceability is assured. This procedure grants safe, faultlessness Just-in-Sequence-Delivery. In this manner, our customer can concentrate on his/her job. We supply customer individual solutions, optimize processes, save resources and discover hidden potential, indicates Harald Herr, Manager IT, LGI Logistics Group International GmbH, Bblingen, Germany. The Kyman displays the sequence processes easily and intuitively with standard architecture. Thanks to the popular wireless technologies, the Kyman grants seamless interaction to all affected information systems and makes fast transactions possible.

Management in Japan, production in Taiwan and logistics in Germany covering Europe are just one more example of the exemplary job done by LGI. Modern logistic concepts are essential for cost reductions in the future. They reduce tied-up money and enforce strategic advantages against competitors, declares Tim Oldiges, Manager Sales & Marketing at LGI.

Along with LGIs Just-in-Sequence supply, is its Build to Order system that consists in distributing material in an optimised and cost efficient way. LGI receives information about production and distribution of an order via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). This information is communicated to the Datalogics mobile computers via WLAN. Then, the incoming goods are scanned by the Kyman. At this point, the system checks if the information matches and marks it as correctly delivered. Subsequently, the products are packed in their specific wrappers and completed with accessories like country dependent cables, manuals and CDs. The new information is encrypted according to the process, printed on labels, saved in the system and attached to the right delivery. Everything is then moved to the shipping department. A final control is made to ensure delivery to the correct distributor by scanning the barcode on the package. Datalogics patented green spot makes immediate control directly on the code possible. This is definitely a secure and comfortable solution, especially in noisy surroundings like warehousing halls. With the good read feedback, the destination, freight and truck path is checked for plausibility. If everything checks out and the process is correct, the goods are approved for shipping. Thanks to this step using the Kyman, the customer receives the information about the freight leaving.

Datalogics Kyman has proved to be the ideal solution for LGIs logistics needs. It saves time and suits all secure and definite barcode identification processes with its wide range of data capture options, while providing a rugged, versatile and ergonomic solution for harsh industrial surroundings.  The Kyman was exactly what we were looking for: a rugged, but easy to handle and reliable hardware that was necessary for our quality control, states Harald Herr.


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