Teradata announces new family of powerful analytical platforms

Teradata Corporation, a global leader in active enterprise data warehousing, today introduced a powerful new family of platforms that addresses many customer needs, from entry-level to active enterprise-level, all with the proven power of the Teradata 12.0 database engine. 

The family will extend the reach so that customers can leverage the power of Teradata within their enterprises in meeting their business and technical needs. 

The new, cost-effective platform family includes:

  • Teradata 550 SMP (symmetric multiprocessing), with a price of $67,000(1) per terabyte, a departmental data warehouse.
  • Teradata 2500, priced at $125,000(1) per terabyte, an entry-level data warehouse for companies that are just starting out or for those with other analytical platform requirements in their enterprises. 
  • Teradata 5550, an active data warehouse-class platform, starts at $200,000(1) per terabyte depending on the performance and availability needs of the customer.  The Teradata 5550 and Teradata 12 provide up to two times the system performance over their respective predecessors.

"Teradata has rewritten the rules in the industry with the expansion of the Teradata platform family," said Richard Winter, president of WinterCorp.  "Until now, at the low end of the data warehouse price range, you could only get a data warehouse appliance able to deal with a limited level of database and query complexity.  Now, at $67,000 per terabyte for the Teradata 550 SMP, and $125,000 per terabyte for the Teradata 2500 entry level data warehouse, you can get the Teradata query engine that has been supporting the largest and most complex data warehouses in production anywhere.  So Teradata now offers the Teradata 5550 for active data warehouses and the Teradata 2500 for data warehouse appliances with application and database portability between them.  Thats a great combination, which only builds momentum for the newly independent Teradata Corporation."

The Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is the best architecture for integrated, cross-functional data to support both strategic and operational intelligence, said Darryl McDonald, chief marketing officer of Teradata.  Enterprise data warehousing drives the highest business value with the lowest overall total cost of ownership.  Virtually without exception, every customer we talk to is implementing or has plans to implement an EDW.  In addition, many companies today have legacy and analytical applications on multiple hardware platforms and database combinations for various reasons.  These systems are used to meet special business unit, departmental, or geographical requirements, as well as to address compliance and privacy concerns. Special-purpose applications such as fraud detection and prevention, customer segmentation, human resources, and forecasting are also sometimes implemented on separate analytical systems.  These applications are driving significant investment in business intelligence and analytical systems outside the core EDW, and lead to complex and costly architectures.  With Teradata's new competitively priced platforms, customers can now unify their entire analytical architecture by standardising on the powerful Teradata platforms and database engine.  This standardisation saves in training, application development time, system management, support and IT infrastructure.

The Teradata 550 SMP  meets departmental needs with Teradata power and availability

The Teradata 550 SMP is a departmental data warehouse, designed to meet customers need for a smaller, less expensive system.  Over 150 customers have been able to leverage the power of Teradata, but on a smaller scale, up to six terabytes, at an attractive entry price.  The Teradata 550 was developed to run a single application or support test and development workloads and can be installed within hours of delivery.  It is simple to set up and can use the Novell SUSE Linux 64-bit operating system or Windows.In addition, customers can license and run the Teradata 12 database on their choice of Intel-based platforms, starting at $40,000(1).  Teradata Express Edition, a free developer version of Teradata 12, is available to work on Windows servers and laptops for development, testing and learning.  Teradata Express Edition includes the Teradata 12 database, and the full collection of Teradata Tools and Utilities together in a self-installing package.

The Teradata 2500 has all the power of Teradata, ready to run for immediate business value

The Teradata 2500 entry-level data warehouse is a cost-effective, fully integrated, scalable platform with dual-core Intel processors, industry standard enterprise-class storage, open Novell SUSE Linux 64-bit operating system, and the Teradata 12 database and utilities.  All are pre-installed in a single ready to run cabinet with energy-efficient green technologies.  The Teradata 2500 delivers more complex queries, more concurrent users, and better workload management than the appliance vendors in the market today for superior price/performance.  The Teradata 2500 can also complement a robust enterprise data warehouse environment where customers may have other analytical needs. 

Many times, customers will build a new application outside the EDW for various business reasons such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), said Randy Lea, vice president, Teradata products and services.  For example, a customer could implement CRM software as a stand-alone solution on the Teradata 2500 and then, unlike appliances offered by other companies, the entire solution can be easily migrated into the EDW, including extract, transform and load (ETL) software, data model and the application code.  The company can then leverage the integrated sales, inventory and customer data of the EDW, providing significantly enhanced business value and a true 360-degree view of the customer.

The Teradata 5550 meets business intelligence challenges of leading edge companies

As leading customers grow, so do their requirements. EDW success drives more concurrent queries, higher availability, increased performance, and enhanced workload management capabilities to support the complex environments of continuous and batch loads, operational queries, simple reporting and complex analytics, all on the same platform, supporting thousands of users. The new Teradata 5550 is configured and designed to meet these challenging active enterprise data warehouse requirements.  It protects customers investments with a proven and unique co-existence capability allowing customers to add new generation platforms to existing systems virtually eliminating the costly floor sweep upgrades of older technology.

The Teradata 5550 builds upon the proven success of our previous enterprise-class platforms, recognised as the gold standard for data warehousing in the industry.  The Teradata 5550 and our latest Teradata 12 database provide up to two times the system performance compared to our previous platform and database release, said Lea.  With the Teradata 5550, we continue to provide customers more power and functionality at a lower price.  And over time, with data volumes exploding and new data types, such as unstructured text and RFID data, becoming increasingly important, the combined capabilities of our new Teradata 5550 and Teradata 12 database offer customers unprecedented price performance and easier than ever manageability.

The Teradata 12 Database extends the performance edge

Teradata 12, the market-leading enterprise data warehouse database, has been designed to meet the high performance business intelligence and analytical needs of complex reporting and ad-hoc analysis.  A few of the innovations in Teradata 12 include consistent and predictable responses from advanced mixed workload management and continuous data loading as well as smarter query execution with the new Teradata Optimiser which dynamically rewrites poorly written queries in real-time and helps queries run up to 30 percent faster.  In addition, intelligent scanning with multi-level partition indexing can greatly improve query response times, extending the performance edge for which Teradata is known.

Since the Teradata 12 database is the foundation of all the Teradata platforms, customers can migrate to more powerful systems without costly changes to data models, queries or applications.  Customers can also leverage existing resources and tools.  Database administrators, system administrators, and application developers can support multiple Teradata systems without additional training.

Teradatas Green Family boosts energy efficiency, enabling more for less

The entire Teradata platform family leverages energy-efficient processors and cabinet design.  The Teradata 5550 is three times more efficient per kilowatt-hour of electricity usage for the same data warehouse capability as compared to Teradata platforms of five years ago.  In addition, the Teradata 5550 requires just 25 percent of the floor space needed for the same capability over older generations.

The Teradata Platform Family addresses customer requirements not just data size

With this family, customers can now apply the power of Teradata to address all of their analytical needs, at all levels of complexity and size.  We are pleased to be able to help our customers achieve competitive advantage through the best business intelligence and analytics engine in the industry, said McDonald.  Teradata can make it easy to get started in data warehousing with a fully integrated Teradata 2500 at a low entry price point thats truly load and go.  If customers needs are more complex or require real-time business intelligence, our proven enterprise-class Teradata 5550 is the best choice because it is the worlds leading data warehouse.  With our full family of Teradata platforms, we effectively compete with both the data mart appliance and the data warehouse vendors. We are the only vendor in the market to offer a family of platforms that meet various analytical requirements in the enterprise.  You can expect the Teradata platform family to grow in the near future.

All of these products are currently available.  Teradatas partners, including business intelligence, ETL, application providers, are certified with the new platforms.


About Teradata

Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC) is the worlds largest company solely focused on raising intelligence through data warehousing and enterprise analytics.  Teradata is in more than 60 countries.

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