Steganos launches Steganos Internet Security 2008 and Steganos AntiVirus 2008

Steganos, a leader in providing security and privacy software for consumers and SMEs, has launched Steganos Internet Security 2008 and Steganos AntiVirus 2008, the latest generations of its software for complete protection from online threats.

Steganos Internet Security 2008 offers comprehensive, fast and value-for-money protection against spam, spyware, hackers and computer viruses. The integrated AntiSpyware application recognises spyware and adware. Potentially unwanted programs, adware, trojans, worms and keyloggers are all detected using the latest analysis techniques. The integrated firewall controls the network connections and blocks attacks from hackers or trojans. Steganos Internet Security 2008 also includes Steganos AntiVirus 2008.

Steganos AntiVirus 2008, available separately as well as forming part of the Steganos Internet Security 2008 suite, protects the computer from script, macro, file and boot sector viruses in real time.

It offers several layers of protection:

. The resident protection deactivates viruses by supervising the copying, opening and storage of files. As soon as a virus is discovered, Steganos AntiVirus 2008 stops the current process and stops the virus from activating.

. The automatic virus removal eliminates or disinfects virus-infected files and other threats such as trojans or worms.

. The email scanner examines incoming and outgoing emails and is compatible with all SMTP/POP3 based email clients, including Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Eudora. The email scanner is compatible with encrypted connections that use SSL.

. The automatic spam and phishing filter keeps the inbox clean by ensuring that such emails are marked as spam.

. Individual and scheduled virus tests enable additional user-defined scanning alongside the automatic checks.

Steganos's technology uses a combination of virus scan, heuristic matching and generic detection to ensure that no virus goes undiscovered. Suspicious files are quarantined to prevent an infection and the virus data bank is regularly updated to ensure that the software can always detect the latest threats.

There are two user modes: the basic mode offers maximum protection for minimal work and the professional mode provides maximum flexibility for more advanced users who would like to configure as much as they can themselves. The intelligent scan function in Steganos AntiVirus 2008 can be used to determine which data should be permitted or blocked, so that users can compile their own black list and white list.

Both Steganos AntiVirus 2008 and Steganos Internet Security 2008 include a year of automatic updates to ensure that the software is always up to date. If a new version of the software is released within that year, users can update to the next version of the software for free.

Aston Fallen, CEO, Steganos, said: "A world without the internet and email would be unthinkable today. But the price we pay for near-instant communication and constant connectivity is the onslaught of viruses, hackers, spam and phishing attacks. We've seen a change in recent years. Whereas early viruses were a nuisance that slowed the PC or broke the operating system, today's viruses are much more likely to attempt to steal e-commerce or shopping data. There is a criminal motive now, which means nobody can afford to be complacent. With the latest releases of Steganos AntiVirus and Steganos Internet Security, we are providing the peace of mind that people need to safely exploit the full potential of the internet."


Steganos Internet Security 2008
Special offer for the first 5,000 users: 19.95
Normal price: 29.95
Upgrade: 17.95

Steganos AntiVirus 2008
Special offer for the first 5,000 users: 14.95
Normal price: 19.95
Upgrade: 11.95

System requirements:

- Windows XP Home Edition (from Service Pack 2), Windows XP Professional (from Service Pack 2), Windows XP 64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit

- Screen resolution of at least 800x600, at least high colour (16 bit)

- At least Pentium or comparable CPU

- Mouse or other pointing device

- 70MB free hard disk space for installation

- At least 256MB RAM

- Internet access

- Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher


About Steganos

Since 1996, Steganos has been providing highly secure and user friendly solutions that secure static data and online communications. More than two million users worldwide already depend on Steganos software. Innovations such as the world's first commercial steganography software (which hides data in pictures and music), or the first encryption software to use the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), have made Steganos the European market leader for consumer encryption software. Steganos products are regularly recognized with national and international press awards and the Steganos brand is synonymous with protecting sensitive data.

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