Web Rebates Program Steals Confidential Personal Information

Security experts at MicroWorld Technologies inform that a new variant of WebRebates program, Win32.WebRebates.s is a serious security risk for computer users.

WebRebates claims to offer rebates and discounts when purchasing items on Internet, however its found to be a Spyware, Adware and a security hazard in many ways.

This program monitors browser activity and other operations on your PC and reports your personal information to its authors. It also pesters your computer with annoying pop-ups, apart from clogging your mail box with spam.

WebRebates comes bundled with many software utilities. Once installed, it tries to get more malware from a series of websites.

In an enterprise, apart from sneaking into the organizational knowledge base, such a software can also hamper productivity levels in a major way by cluttering workstations with incessant pop-ups and even pornographic material. With so many processes running in the background, the performance of computers also gets affected severely.

We have observed that on the face of it, most spywares come as a masked utility like a media player, games software or a browser enhancer, to entice you into it. But at the backdrop it functions as a dangerous personal information stealing device that compromises your privacy and confidentiality. Even the utility at the front-end might be a dubious one that might eventually lead you to financial losses! says Govind Rammurthy, CEO, MicroWorld Technologies.

Technically, spywares work by creating a unique identifier on the victims computer. This can be achieved by generating a Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) or by storing a cookie on the hard disk during the installation of the software. Information gathered via this method can even be sold to third parties and cyber criminals. Some spywares can act as a dropper of other malware and a direct entry point for hackers.

The most dangerous development in recent times is that cyber criminals and malware creators do not want to remain in the underbelly of World Wide Web any more. They wear newer and cleverer masks to create a parallel economy by making Virus kits, Trojans and spywares freely available in the market, points out Govind Rammurthy. 

Identifying the gravity of threats posed this breed of malware, MicroWorld products eScan and MailScan give equal importance to fighting spyware and adware as much as they update cures for emerging Viruses and worms. Because MicroWorld believes that moderate threats of today could be an invitation for graver ones of tomorrow, says Govind.

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