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Scan to Reform, from FabSoft, is a complete document management solution for file indexing, distribution, search and retrieval. Hand-filing and manually searching for documents are cumbersome and time consuming processes-processes that most organizations would like to eliminate. Reform Enterprises Scan To Reform eradicates frustrating problems associated with unwieldy paperwork operations. Scan to Reform efficiently automates the archival of document sets by combining barcode tagging with the scanning utility of any MFP or scanner. When bar-coded documents are printed, Scan to Reform stores the printed information and assigns a barcode to the document. When the document is scanned back into the system, Scan to Reform will read the barcode and use the associated stored information for printing, faxing, emailing and more. Scan To Reform is 100% accurate and replaces OCR or Zonal OCR type processes, which have limitations to their accuracy. Scan to Reform removes the potential of errors due to manually filing documents and enables file content to be fully searchable, which frees up time and allows business productivity levels to rise.

How it Works

How Scan to Reform manages your document intensive processes:

Tag Scan to Reform tags your forms with barcodes.

Print / Index Upon printing your bar-coded form, Scan to Reform will index the barcode number as the ID of your document and register the documents text content into the database.

Distribute Distribute your printed documents as needed; For instance, if the form is a purchase order that needs authorization or signatures, you can distribute the document to the appropriate person for signing.

Scan Scan your signed forms using any MFP; Scan to Reform will recognize the barcode on the form as the ID of the file and retrieve the related text of the document. The processed scanned form will be stored with the associated text document.

Search & Retrieval Scan to Reform allows the text content of your files to be fully searchable enabling dependable and simple retrieval of your files.

For example: A busy company processes hundreds of orders per day. Scan to Reform places a barcode on the picking ticket. The bar-coded picking ticket is printed out and distributed to the warehouse where the items are gathered. The warehouse personnel pick the necessary items, record their quantities, and sign for verification. The signed and completed picking ticket is then scanned using any scanner or digital copier. Once scanned, Scan to Reform identifies the barcode on the form, retrieves the original picking ticket information, prints a copy to accounting to generate an invoice, and then stores a copy for archival purposes.

Scan to Reform simplifies the companys entire procedure for processing picking tickets. Processed forms can be scanned after they have been printed. This allows the company to collect all of the picking tickets for the day and file them in just one trip to the scanner without manual entry. When a client inquires about their order, they can perform a full search using the clients information and quickly retrieve the entire order's history.

Scan to Reform can be utilized to alleviate all document intensive processes and is not limited to the above picking ticket example. Scan to Reform can be implemented in almost any business operation to increase productivity, and can easily be configured to meet any document management demands. The following are just a few examples of the various business industries that could readily make use of Scan to Reform:

  • Accounting
  • Financial
  • Health Care
  • Human Resources
  • Legal


The Distinguishing Benefits of Scan to Reform:

  • Scan to Reform stores the actual content of your documents allowing you to have accurate, reliable search results and quick, easy document retrieval. Many document imaging solutions rely solely on scanning and unreliable OCR (Optical Character Recognition); which has many disadvantages:
    • OCR is not guaranteed to accurately recognize characters.
    • Document appearance is vital to OCR, and errors could easily be caused due to issues such as an unrecognized or colored font, or when the image is faint or misaligned due to inaccurate scanning.
    • When inaccuracies occur, they must be thoroughly examined and altered, which takes up large amounts of time.
  • Original and processed documents are automatically stored together in one file, allowing information to be referenced effortlessly.
  • Elimination of manual filing and search leads to reduced departmental workload and operational costs.
  • Scan to Reform provides you with the ability to share your important document information with ease. Digital files are easily accessible through any network terminal or remote computer, and can be sent to any device in the department or company; such as e-mail systems, fax systems etc.

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