Be like a postage stamp

Do you remember the old rhyme quoted to you as a child if at first you dont succeed try and try again. From learning to walk or riding a bicycle our childhood teaches us that failure only occurs when we stop trying. It is a lesson many of us need to revisit in adulthood.

What is perseverance? It is endurance, patience and hanging in there in spite of obstacles or adversity. Perseverance means putting in the hard work or practicing with your best effort until the task is completed, the goal reached or the skill mastered.

Perseverance and failure cannot co-exist. Failure only happens when you quit. Perseverance is the ultimate success strategy. Why should succeeding in business be any easier than learning a musical instrument or new sport? We are likely to stumble and make mistakes at first; it is part of the learning process. Ultimately the people who persevere through the stumbling process learn enough to become successful. It is persevering and staying with it that separates the successful from the less successful. As quoted from Josh Billings be like a postage stamp; stick to one thing until you get there

If you want to strengthen your perseverance you need to take responsibility for yourself. If you become overly concerned about what people around you may say, you can lose your drive to persevere. They can be your dream stealers. Try to be around people who support your goals and celebrate your achievements.

To make effective decisions take responsibility of perceiving reality as accurately as possible. Ask yourself what is true not what do others think is true. Decision making is not a popularity contest and when you seek the truth you are being true to yourself. Consider the right source when getting advice; it is best to learn from the mistakes of others than make it yourself.

If you are looking for a way out or excuse to quit you need go no farther than Aunt Matilda where you will get all the necessary negative encouragement to put your dream back on the shelf. We can also create these no action alibis ourselves - in fact I am sure we have all used convenient alibis for not persevering. There are many who may find a good alibi more attractive than persevering. The important thing is to be honest with ourselves and recognise the alibi for what it is and not to make it a way of life.

If you are persevering you will need to take reasonable risks as without risk there is no reward. If you feel like quitting, remember perseverance is the common denominator for success. As Edison observed when after thousands of efforts to make the electric light bulb produced no illumination, I havent failed. I have identified 10,000 ways this does not work. By accurately viewing it as a learning experience, eventually Edison succeeded, leaving to the critics and nay-sayers one of the worlds important inventions.

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