China goes for gold in malware olympics

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Olympic city Beijing was the most prolific source of spam and viruses for May, according to managed security company Network Box. 

During May, the companys security responses blocked more than four million viruses, worms and Trojans daily, with Beijing accounting for more than 21 per cent viruses of released and 11 per cent of spam.

The city has been the main source of spam for eight months running and May saw a slight increase of the amount released. April saw 10.96 per cent, which increased to 11.29 per cent in May, which is over 440,000 spam emails.  Seoul, Korea (4.64 per cent) was second in the spam charts and Moscow, Russia (4.00 per cent) third.

The host city for the next Olympic games distributed twice as many viruses as any other city, globally, 21.04 per cent, an increase of nearly 15 per cent from last month. Kuala Lumpur (5.33 per cent), the city that is second this month, topped Aprils chart with only 6.14 per cent. Madrid, Spain (4.19) was third in the virus charts for May.

The NetSky.q worm over took last months Warezov variants as the dominant worm for May. It topped the charts accounting for 24.51 per cent of worms blocked. The Warezov variants still featured heavily, with three (.oa 14.11 per cent, .do 4.60 per cent and .ny 3.66 per cent) accounting for 43.22 per cent.

Simon Heron, Managing Director, Network Box, comments: China is the biggest source in the malware market. Month on month we see a constant increase in the amount of spam and viruses released from compromised machines. The large number of compromised machines is probably due to the large number of illegal copies of Windows that cannot be patched.  China would definitely pick up gold if the Olympics were based on the release of malware.

The Agent.bqs Trojan was the most dominant Trojan for the month, accounting for more than 70 per cent of all Trojans blocked. The Small variants (.coc 18.89 per cent, .cnd 5.20 per cent and -1164 0.11 per cent) still had a part to play, accounting for more than 24 per cent blocked.


Top Sources of Spam

1. Beijing, China                                              11.29 %

2. Seoul, South Korea                                       4.64 %

3. Moscow, Russia                                           4.00 %

4. Warsaw, Poland                                           2.15 %

5. Milan, Italy                                                    1.97 %


Top Sources of Viruses

1. Beijing, China                                              21.04 %

2. Kula Lumpur, Malaysia                                 5.33 %

3. Madrid, Spain                                              4.19 %

4. Rome, Italy                                                  2.56 %

5. Seoul, Korea                                               2.35 %


Top Worms

1. NetSky.q                                                      24.51 %

2. Warezov.oa                                                  14.11 %

3.                                                  14.11 %

4. Stration.pac                                                   7.26 %

5.                                                  4.60 %

6. Warezov.ny                                                  3.66 %

7. NetSky.t                                                       2.62 %

8. Nyxem.e                                                       2.53 %

9. NetSky.d                                                      2.01 %

10.                                                     1.79 %


Top Trojans

1. Agent.bqs                                                    70.47 %

2. Small.coc                                                    18.89 %

3. Small.cnd                                                     5.20 %

4. Agent.fl                                                        2.17 %

5. Delf.awi                                                       1.26 %

6. PassAlert.l                                                   0.92 %

7.                                                       0.20 %

8.                                                     0.20 %

9. SdBot.xd                                                      0.13 %

10. Small-1164                                                 0.11 %

About Network Box

Network Box Limited (NBL) is an international managed security services company, specialising in unified threat management (UTM).  It continuously defends the networks of its customers using PUSH technology to instantaneously update protection, from 12 Security Operations Centres spread around the globe. NBLs customers in Asia, Australia, North America and Europe include companies such as BMW, Nintendo and Toyota, as well as banks, utilities, and government organisations.

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